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I can’t count how many times I’m asked “how did you start your t-shirt company?” Many aspire to have a t-shirt company but they struggle with where to start, what to do to start, waste money, time and energy trying their hand at something they thought would be so easy to do! I even know some who have bought equipment and still have it shoved into a corner of their home hoping they find the courage to one day... START.

Are you worried about job security and providing for your family? Are you concerned for the next steps in your career? Interested in starting a t-shirt company but unsure where to start? Many think it’s easy to start a t-shirt company and I’m here to tell you, IT IS!... if you have the right steps to launch. This is a great place to be if you have minimal or no start up capital to launch, started a t-shirt company but feel stuck on production and marketing, or have a great idea but unsure how to get it from concept phase to launch. Is this you?


Every Successful Tee Brand Needs Three Things..



Nothing beats experience, and as the owner of a multi-million dollar tee brand that started with less than $500, I have experience in spades.



When you need to vent, when you need accountability, when you need support - you can turn to a community of your peers.



We provide ebooks, courses, templates, tutorials, videos, behind-the-scenes, walk-alongs, and tons of other resources for your success.

"This tee class is a MUST! I LOVED the course and it prepared me to launch my t-shirt company, Mind Free Apparel. The instructor Kalilah, was very transparent, very knowledgeable and very hands on to help me launch my company! SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS, IT’S MORE THAN WORTH THE INVESTMENT. The Info given and shared is worth way more than what you pay!"


Kristina T.

I'm Kalilah!

I'm the owner of Mess in a Bottle, a multi-million dollar brand founded in 2016. I'm a graduate of Morgan State University and Penn State University with a Masters Degree in Architecture, earned prestigious awards from Essence Magazine in Entrepreneurship, the winner of over $100K in business pitch competitions, and featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, People's Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and BET - just to name a few. 

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