Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office


Lecture Hall: Maya Smith

Join Maya Smith of The Doux to discuss branding, marketing, and community engagement. You can find The Doux products in Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and more! Learn more about Maya and The Doux HERE

Zoom. January 20 7pm ET

enroll - free

Stabilize & Scale - NYC

T201 is an intermedate-level course specifically designed to help you achieve consistent, predictable revenue results. 

LIVE IN NYC. January 29th, 2022. Payment Plan Available.

attend - $497

This is an active workshop event with Kalilah Wright of Mess In A Bottle.  As a group, we will walk through exactly how to create a lookbook including topics such as wholesale, strategy, content, and visuals. Replay included with purchase.

February 3, 7pm ET

Free for Master Tee Members

enroll - $47


Before You Start

This eGuide (downloadable pdf) and hour-long video course are a beginner's guide for anyone interested in exploring the t-shirt industry. Learn essential tips and tools to starting your t-shirt company. Is this the right industry for you?

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Start With $500

This eGuide (downloadable pdf), follows Kalilah's personal journey to starting her own t-shirt company. You will learn about mistakes and mishaps, equipment, preferred printing techniques, what encouraged Kalilah to being. You'll also learn how to succeed with limited start up capital.

enroll - $20


This eGuide (downloadable pdf) is for product- based businesses thinking about being a vendor. What event is fit for you, what items needed for setup and how many products to bring. Included are contracts, agreements, load-in and load-out details from large events.

enroll - $50


Prepare for Launch

This virtual presentation is a beginners class reviewing seven key elements to starting your t-shirt company. Take this class if: you know nothing about starting a t-shirt company, looking to explore the idea, and want a brief overview of what it’s all about. Before You Start (eGuide) included with this bundle.

enroll - $25

Cheat Sheet

This module is a compilation of the top 100 most commonly asked questions I receive about launching and managing a tee shirt business. I have also included my preferred vendor list that I use for my multi-million dollar brand, Mess In A Bottle. Enjoy your ebook.

enroll - $97

Legal Tee Basics

This is a recorded Q&A conversation with an esteemed Intellectual Property Attorney. We discuss copyright, trademarks, as well as brand and design protection.

enroll - $47

30 Days To Launch

This 30 day course is an independent class in which you receive a series of daily assignments to help you create and launch a t-shirt company.

enroll - $297

Stabilize & Scale - NYC

T201 is an intermedate-level course specifically designed to help you achieve consistent, predictable revenue results. 

LIVE IN NYC. January 29th, 2022. Payment Plan Available.

enroll - $497

Black Friday Success

T202 is an intermediate-level course specifically designed to help you prepare for, succeed during, and capitalize from the winter holiday season.

Course and e-book included.

enroll - $97

Extra Credit

Private Office Hours

Do you need individual consulting for your tee business? Are you stuck? Need help making a decision? Unsure of next steps?

Join Kalilah for a private 45 minutes session to move you forward

enroll - $297

Master Tee Class

Join the Master Tee Class to get exclusive content through a private community for intermediate & advanced tee classers. I share insights on my business, provide resources, and have live guest experts!

enroll - $50/month

Website Audit

If you have a new website, have been paying for ads, or driving traffic to your website but aren't seeing the conversion rates you'd like, book a website audit. Kalilah will personally review your ecommerce website and provide feedback to you during a 1 on 1 video session.

enroll - $197