Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office

Black Friday: Crash Course

30-day, intermediate-level course specifically designed to help you prepare for, succeed during, and capitalize from the winter holiday season.

LIVE Q&A with Kalilah Wright, Video Lessons, and detailed e-book included.

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Extra Credit

Master Tee Class

Join the Master Tee Class to get exclusive content through a private community for intermediate & advanced tee classers. I share insights on my business, provide resources, and have live guest experts!

enroll - $50/month

Private Office Hours

Do you need individual consulting for your tee business? Are you stuck? Need help making a decision? Unsure of next steps?

Join Kalilah for a private 45 minutes session to move you forward

enroll - $397

Website Audit

If you have a new website, have been paying for ads, or driving traffic to your website but aren't seeing the conversion rates you'd like, book a website audit. Kalilah will personally review your ecommerce website and provide feedback to you during a 1 on 1 video session.

enroll - $197


Before You Start

This eGuide (downloadable pdf) and hour-long video course are a beginner's guide for anyone interested in exploring the t-shirt industry. Learn essential tips and tools to starting your t-shirt company. Is this the right industry for you?

enroll - free

Start With $500

This eGuide (downloadable pdf), follows Kalilah's personal journey to starting her own t-shirt company. You will learn about mistakes and mishaps, equipment, preferred printing techniques, what encouraged Kalilah to being. You'll also learn how to succeed with limited start up capital.

enroll - $20


This eGuide (downloadable pdf) is for product- based businesses thinking about being a vendor. What event is fit for you, what items needed for setup and how many products to bring. Included are contracts, agreements, load-in and load-out details from large events.

enroll - $50


Prepare for Launch

This virtual presentation is a beginners class reviewing seven key elements to starting your t-shirt company. Take this class if: you know nothing about starting a t-shirt company, looking to explore the idea, and want a brief overview of what it’s all about. Before You Start (eGuide) included with this bundle.

enroll - $25

Cheat Sheet

This module is a compilation of the top 100 most commonly asked questions I receive about launching and managing a tee shirt business. I have also included my preferred vendor list that I use for my multi-million dollar brand, Mess In A Bottle. Enjoy your ebook.

enroll - $97

Legal Tee Basics

This is a recorded Q&A conversation with an esteemed Intellectual Property Attorney. We discuss copyright, trademarks, as well as brand and design protection.

enroll - $47

30 Days To Launch

This 30 day course is an independent class in which you receive a series of daily assignments to help you create and launch a t-shirt company.

enroll - $297

Black Friday Success

T202 is an intermediate-level course specifically designed to help you prepare for, succeed during, and capitalize from the winter holiday season.

Course and e-book included.

enroll - $97